Wheat Dunes
Photo Park

Southeast Washington is a unique landscape of rolling hills, now covered in wheat and part of a larger story in this landscape.  Repeated flooding from an ice dam on Lake Missoula (100+ miles away) covered this area in “ripples” of rich, fertile soil making it ideal for wheat with the climate. 

Photographically, it’s a playground of light and design with an infinite variety of composition.  Light and landscape is only a portion of the Palouse experience though.  Behind the images are hundreds of miles of dusty roads, snowy roads, early mornings, frozen fingers and countless smiles:)

Click for full images, some are panos:)

Palouse photography workshop. Steptoe Butte. Palouse, rolling green hills with snow in 2023 and 2024. Photo tour and photo workshop in the Palouse of Washington.
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