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2023 & 2024

Private Workshop

Palouse Private Photography Workshop

October 5, 2023 Update – Making an audible and opening December 2023 for Private 1:1 Workshop in the Palouse.  El Niño is forecasted to be strong this year which favors snow in December and then a southerly storm track for January.  Instead of guessing which month, I’m offering both!

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How It Works

  • Select a Date(s) 
  • 2 Day minimum to book
  • Select which Artist Series Workshop is best for you.
  • Artist Series Workshops are all priced the same at $750/Day.
  • Book your room in Pullman, WA and flight to Spokane, WA
  • We have the Palouse to ourselves and create UNIQUE images from an insanely popular landscape. 

How Many Days Do I Need to Photograph in the Palouse?

I would strongly suggest 3 days at the absolute minimum.  Weather in the Winter changes day to day.  A dusting of snow or fog can radically change your images.  You need time here, period.

If you only have 2 Days?  Honestly, this is skimming the surface here and I would advise against it.  This is a dynamic area, full of exploring and a truly wonderful photography experience.  I’ve explored here on many trips and have found 4 days to be “sweet spot” for Winter with 3 days being enough if you’re lucky.

Palouse in Winter, Winter in the Palouse. Palouse Photography Workshop and Palouse photo tour with ee visual and Eric erlenbusch.

Art of Seeing

1-Day Private Workshop
~ learn more ~

Winter light in the Palouse of Eastern Washington. Snow and light on colorful fields of wheat on a photography workshop with Eric erlenbusch.

Intimate Landscape Photography

1-Day Workshop upon request
~ learn more ~

Creative Nature Photography

1-Day Workshop upon request
~ learn more ~

Day with the Artist Workshop in the Palouse Washington on steptoe butte, Palouse photo workshop

Day with the Artist

Unique 1-Day Workshop
~ Learn More ~

Details & Logistics

  • NO early mornings or late nights like the 4AM mornings of June.  Winter schedule is SO MUCH better.
  • Dinner is after we are done shooting, not before like June
  • No crowds ANYWHERE like in June.
  • The light is just…BETTER in Winter, no question.
Lodging, Meals & Transportation

  • I would recommend staying in Spokane or Pullman/Moscow on the night prior to your workshop.  
  • Lodging is not included in workshop rate.  The Coast Hilltop in Pullman is a favorite for it’s access.
  • Meals are all on our own and we’ll take a break for lunch with dinner after sunset.
  • Transportation is included Airport to Airport, no rental car needed.


  • Artist Series Workshops are fully prepaid when booking.
  • Cancellations 60 days or more from the workshop date will receive a full refund minus a $300 non-refundable deposit.
  • Cancellations within 60 days of the workshop date are non-refundable. You may apply paid monies towards a different workshop based upon availability. Custom Workshops are available so I’ll work with you in the event you need to cancel within the 60 days of a workshop date.
  • Please note “days” are full calendar days.

Multiple Days Available

  • Multiple dates are available.  I recommend 3-4 days and 2 days minimum are required.
  • Custom planning for multiple day trips.
  • Not Available on Dec 25 or Jan 1.
  • Please contact me with any questions!

Palouse Photo Workshop Registration

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