Zion National Park

A small gallery of images all made in the first half of 2023.  I left Southern Utah before the monsoons kicked in but fortunately had a few “wet” days in this red brick oven:)  A few highlights of 2023 in Zion: Full moon hike/e-bike to Angels Landing, evening swimming holes in the Virgin River, experiencing 🥵 heat stroke for the first time, making new friends, shooting with friends and exploring new areas of Zion.  The moon made an appearance a few times, Winter arrived a few days, waterfalls danced on the cliffs and the ever stunning light of Zion did its thing.

I sometimes wonder what I would have seen in the last half of 2023 here, but am more than content with the flood of memories from Zion.  My days spent in Zion have been some of the best days of my life.  See you again very soon Zion…🧡 

Click for full images, some are panos:)

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Christmas Tree Shopping
I’ve never heard of Ansel Adams
Angels Land
Moon Catcher - June
Fire & Ice
Light Magnet
Lazy River is OPEN!
Tree Amigos
I Forgot to Fall (March 2023)
What’s Over There?
Shape of Water
Moon Catcher II - February
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